Workers discover that a “Cute Little Cat” has been on them.

Cats are notoriously cunning, and there’s a reason why certain criminals are dubbed “cat burglars.”

When a cat unexpectedly targeted a group of Japanese office workers, they were reminded of this truth.

This sly feline, on the other hand, wasn’t stealing. He was employing his stealth for a different purpose: surveillance.

An office worker observed a small face peering down at him through an aperture in the ceiling, which led to the discovery of the kitty’s spying operation.

He promptly shot a photo of the kitten and texted it to a coworker, who then shared it on Twitter, jokingly comparing it to a surveillance camera.

The photographs of the cutest little CCTV camera ever have subsequently gone viral on Twitter, causing everyone to giggle out loud.

Perhaps the cat was simply ensuring that everyone was concentrating on their work and giving it their all.

We’re sure we’d all have a better work ethic if we knew this adorable kitty was watching us.

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