While on vacation, an amazing couple feed of 34 stray dogs and cats.

This tale about a vacationing couple who took the time to assist stray animals warmed my heart!
Jeff and Diana Hall noticed a big band of stray dogs and kittens living on the beach together on a recent trip to La Paz, Mexico. They were mostly frail and in need of medical help, yet they were all exceedingly nice.

The pack consisted of 34 animals, according to the owners of Camp Bow Wow doggy day camp in Burnsville, Minnesota.

There are 8 pups between the ages of 3 and 4 weeks, 5 puppies between the ages of 14 and 14 weeks, 14 adult dogs, and 7 cats.

The Halls were aware of Mexico’s canine overpopulation and that there are an estimated 10,000 stray dogs in Baja California Sur.

The Halls, on the other hand, were “awestruck” by the number of dogs and cats are living together.

They decided they had to save the animals they dubbed the “Baja 34 Pack” right away. They quickly found, however, that due to the restrictions and criteria, they would be unable to bring any of them back home.

That didn’t stop them from looking into local rescue organizations and brainstorming strategies to aid the dogs and cats in the long run.

They fed and watered their pack every day while researching rescue organizations. The Halls were astonished at how well all of the animals got along. “We fed them as a group, and they just dived for the food, showing no signs of food aggression — even with the cats!”

“They were well-behaved and kind. It took a while for a few of them to trust us, but in the end, they were all glad to feed from our hands — even the most stubborn little guy.”

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