When he only got two biscuits in his bowl, this charming puppy made many people giggle.

This Pomeranian only got two biscuits in a bowl instead of the half-cup of food he usually gets.

After his owner tried to put him on a diet, the hungry Pomeranian became a viral hit with his extremely unsatisfied protest!

According to the Daily Mail, Janeiza from Thailand posted a video on Tik Tok showing how her dog responded to receiving only two dog biscuits, which quickly became a success on social media with nearly 20 million views.

Janeiza gives her dog only two biscuits in his bowl and waits for his reaction in this short video. He didn’t understand he was being taunted at first. When he noticed the small amount of food Janeiza had placed in his bowl, he returned the stare and remained motionless, hoping for more. When the extra food did not arrive, the puppy slammed his paws on the bowl, tossing it into the air and growling violently.


Mom : I think you need to diet?Pao : I don’t agree!!!😡 #ios14 #paomonomiu #สุดปัง #กล่องข้าวน้อยจ้าแม่ #pomeranian #ฉันเหมือนใคร คำถามคว้ามง

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – 🐶Janeiza🤍 – 🐶Janeiza🤍

Many people were enthralled by the personality and character that this small dog displayed toward its owner.

Some people also claimed that they couldn’t stop giggling at how quickly the Pomeranian became enraged.

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