When a Zoom meeting is disrupted by a dancing child, it gets even funnier when the father gets up.

When a Zoom conference was interrupted by Joseph’s son, it turned out to be a lot more revealing moment than he had anticipated. As you will see, what should have been an unpleasant situation for the father and worker turned into a moment of shared laughing and good humor!

Kaalvuis labeled the video clip “Perks of working from home” and shared it on reddit.

Throughout the pandemic, many commenters disclosed that they, their spouses, and others had all taken to dressing down through Zoom calls. “I started university in the beginning of 2020,” one student wrote. Half of the class was zooming in dressing gowns or PJ pants with cupcakes by the end of last year. Everyone knows everyone’s kids, dogs, cats, and partners, and my Thai language instructor has a new plant on her bookshelf every week because she has to get out of the house.”

The top remark on the article, “this is so wholesome lol,” supports the idea that kindness and comedy can help people cope with the effects of the pandemic.

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