When a woman pets a stray dog for the first time, she melts.

Jillian knew she had to save a puppy who was staring at her in the dark when she was out bringing out the trash. Jillian claimed that the dog bolted as soon as she approached.

As a result, she spoke softly to her, causing the dog to come to a halt and listen to her. Jillian said, “The dog went away and returned the other day.” As a result, when the dog noticed Jillian, she remained a safe distance from her.

When she was summoned, she also ran away, but this time she wasn’t far away. Jillian knew the dog was in need of something, so she returned home and brought some dog food and a water bowl.

She stepped away for a while, leaving them in a corner of her backyard, to watch what the dog would do. As a result, the dog ate the food while maintaining a safe distance between her and Jillian.

The next day, Jillian put the food down when she saw the dog, but she remained close to the bowl when the dog ate from it, instead of fleeing. After seeing that, Jillian realized that the puppy needed a chance at love, so she chose to adopt her and call her Luna. What a happy conclusion!

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