When a golden dog sees his owner after a five-year absence, he rejoices and weeps uncontrollably.

The man had to give the Golden canine to someone else because he couldn’t go take care of him, and when he met the canine, the old proprietor was overcome by the canine’s response.

When Golden Dog Rejoices and Gashes Non-Stop After Meeting Proprietor 5 Times Down 1

About 5 years ago, when he had just graduated from academy, the man was fortunate enough to be accepted to work in a foreign company with excellent pay. The man rented a house by himself at the time and was a fan of a golden canine.

The Golden Dog was only a few months old when he moved to his new home, but he was extremely intelligent, and the proprietor only had to educate him a few times before he could learn incontinently. As a result, the man develops a strong attachment to this small dog. Still, the fact that the canine is truly tender and appears to understand what he’s saying makes him love it even more.

When he returns home from work, he is always warmly greeted by the little canine as soon as he opens the door to the house. When he’s angry, the Golden Canine becomes a “friend” for him to confide in and a small source of spiritual support. I’m not sure if the dog understood what he said, but he patiently sat down to listen to his passions every time.

Assume that life will always be like this, but “happy days are few and not bad.” “Storms” hit after three years of peace. His employer is extremely cold, and his loved one is in desperate need of a large sum of money. The love story was also doomed because the plutocrat he had saved was spent on treating his favorite bones. As a result, his plan to marry the girl he had loved for a long time was also shattered, both of them as a result of a quick communication.

The wind and swells arrived unexpectedly, causing the man to become depressed. He was unable to get out of bed due to the shock of the love story, and he no longer had the mental capacity to work as a plutocrat. Severance rendered him unfit to rent a whole house and live in the coveted megacity as planned.

Finally, he had no choice but to relocate to a different megacity and share a room with a friend. Nonetheless, due to the sharing, he is no longer capable of caring for the Golden canine in the future. Despite his protests, he ended up giving the dog to a friend.

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