When a dog sees her owners at the shelter and believes she is going home, they adopt a different dog.

Pets are the ultimate source of affection and devotion for animal lovers. Unfortunately, not all pet owners treat their furry companions with the respect they deserve. Some individuals would rather forsake a pet than provide the same warmth they have experienced if it did not behave flawlessly.

Zuzu, a German Shepherd who used to be known as Princess, was two years old when her biological father died and she had a rough time. As a result, she became “very unhappy,” moaned excessively, and attempted to flee the house by jumping into her neighbor’s garden.

She scaled the fence one day, prompting a call to the animal shelter from a neighbor.

The puppy was transported to the Downey Animal Care Center in California, where caregivers mistook her for a stray and named her after a character from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

As one of them put it:

“She is a pleasant young lady, yet I detected melancholy and bewilderment in her. The majority of dogs race about the yard. She walked slowly, nervously looking around.”

Nonetheless, they were all taken aback by her reaction one day. Zuzu perked up when a family came to the shelter looking for a puppy.

She ran over to the fence, poking her nose through the gaps and waggling her tail. Her family had also recognized her! They were her previous owners, who approached her and even petted her.

They didn’t return to take her home, unfortunately!

They ignored Zuzu, gave up on her since she was “too depressed,” and began on the lookout for a new puppy.

The family was unable to locate the breed they desired, and as a result, they departed the shelter without a new puppy.

Zuzu, on the other hand, was adored at the shelter. They knew there were plenty of patient and caring people who would welcome her into their homes!

Desi, a long-time volunteer at the shelter, made a film to share Zuzu’s story with the world and to assist her in finding “the right home.”

Thousands of others re-shared it and left comments expressing their displeasure. Zuzu was rescued by a rescue organization, which promised to provide her a “extraordinary” forever home.

After the story broke, Diana Edwards Boucher, a volunteer with Pet Adoption Fund, said they received “so many queries about her.”

And she did find her happily ever after!

Russ and Judith Gallo, a loving couple who already had a dog named Dodger, eventually adopted her. Since their previous dog had died away, Zuzu was an excellent choice for a new companion!

The couple thought they had discovered the right match when the two canines first met outside the family’s house in Los Angeles.

“It hurt my heart to realize that they were interested in her,” Russ remarked.

“Something just kind of told us, well, we had to do something here,” Judith added.

We are overjoyed for you all!

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