When a dog makes a mess, he tries to clean it up using toilet paper.

We’ve always assumed dogs were quite intelligent, and we’ve recently gotten additional proof to back up our suspicions!
Acelin Hampton is an ordinary Texan. Pablo is the name he gave to a puppy he adopted three months ago. With only a few hiccups, the little pup has begun to adjust to life with his new father. Hampton claims that Pablo only had a few minor mishaps around the house that he had to clean up. As Pablo looked on, he claimed he’d wipe up Pablo’s wet mess with toilet paper. There have been a few events with toilet paper around the house, but none have been quite as remarkable as Pablo’s attempt to clean up his own pee off the bathroom floor.

Hampton shared a photo on Twitter, and it’s causing quite a stir!

His Name Is Pablo

Acelin Hampton

Acelin Hampton

Hampton had to leave Pablo in the care of a friend at one point. Pablo needed to p.ee and couldn’t keep it in much longer… He also pe.ed on the restroom floor by mis.take. When Hampton returned home, he discovered the following:


Acelin Hampton

Pablo attempted to pick up after himself in the manner in which he had seen his father do so!

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