When a deployed soldier sends a t-shirt home, the dog smells it and goes crazy.

Brindle’s life as a puppy had not been easy. When he was only a few months old, the little dog ended up in a sanctum. Despite this, his life changed dramatically when he met JD and Rachel, a young couple from Pennsylvania.

Because the couple already had one beloved dog, Xander, they decided to bring him a companion. And the little Brindle was completely enamored with his new family. Nonetheless, he had a deep affection for his fur pater from the beginning, and the two of them had formed an unbreakable bond. Either way, according to JD’s woman, Xander was always near her, so it’s understandable why Brindle gravitated toward JD.

JD Aument is a member of the United States military, and his entire family misses him when he is stationed overseas. However, it turned out that the situation had simply broken Brindle’s heart, as he had been distraught since his father’s departure. Brindle, who was always full of joy and power, arrived as a sad statue. In addition, he had lost his appetite. He just sat in front of the house window, crying as he looked through it.

Rachel became hysterical for Brindle’s life, and it appeared that nothing would be able to change the situation at that point. JD, on the other hand, had a brilliant idea. He decided to send a package to his four-lawful companion as a memento of him and the love he brings him.

The dogface transferred a T-shirt to his beloved canine, which he wore for a few days. It was as if the entire world changed course for Brindle the moment Rachel handed him the ripe t-shirt. Thankfully, she captured the moment on camera, and it’s heartwarming to see the Brindle’s joy as he smells his father’s shirt.

Brindle never took off his father’s shirt since that day until he returned home. In the video clip below, you can see the dog’s heartfelt response.

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