When a biker sees a dog being abus.ed on the side of the road, he pulls over to help.

Brandon chased down the joe who hurled the dog to the ground and drove down. Brandon panted slightly, trembled, and panicked as he approached the helpless white dog. It was as if the canine incontinent decided to trust him after he picked him up and wrapped him in his jacket.

Brandon wrote on Facebook, “I went after the joe just to give him a number one sign.” “And now I have a co-pilot — Mr. DAVIDSON.”

Before bringing the dog home, Brandon checked on him and took him for a drive up and down the track. He gave the adorable little dog food and love, as well as some pillows to sleep on.

Mr. Davidson quickly became accustomed to his new home and life, and now rides the open road with Brandon on his motorcycle. Of course, he’s wearing his goggles and vest, as do all cool bikers.

Brandon is a gifted musician, and he used this opportunity to create videotape to tell Mr. Davidson’s story and pledge to care for him in the future. He’s using it to raise awareness about animal abuse. BAAANG, Bikers Against Beast Abuse National Global, was another idea he came up with.

Please join us in this wonderful story and help us put an end to animal abuse. Brandon Turnbow’s other music videos can be found on his Facebook page and on YouTube.

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