When 16 curious Basenji puppies chase a boy around the house, it’s cuteness overload.

What could be cuter than a puppy? Sixteen in total! Dag Christer Lie and his wife Liv raise Basenji puppies in Norway with their two sons. The puppies in the video are from three different litters, and they enjoy romping and playing with their owners. They adorably swarm the child as he crawls on the floor, and they enjoy running after family members both outside and inside the house!

Dag admits that there was a lot of cleanup to do. “I think walking around with a bucket, water, cloth, and toilet paper was one of the most time-consuming things I did during this period,” he says.

If someone wants a puppy in Norway, they are encouraged to go to a responsible breeder, such as Kingwanas, who health check the parents, breed for temperament and health, and have been socialized in a normal household. Norway does not have a homeless dog population on the scale of other countries, so there are no overcrowded shelters. Neutering dogs is also against the law in Norway, where the practice is viewed as unnecessary and potentially harmful to the animal.

All of the Basenji puppies have been placed in “lovely caring homes.”

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