What’s the Deal With Your Dog Following You to the Bathroom?

Many canines have this amusing peculiarity. Your dog is immediately behind you as you get up to go to the bathroom.

Or perhaps you enter the restroom, close the door mostly behind you, just to have it nudged open a few minutes later by a hairy head.

Have you ever wondered why your dog insists on accompanying you to the bathroom?

Dogs are social animals who live in packs.

Dogs live in packs, and when they’re alone, they feel lonely and defenseless. Your dog wants to be with you if you’re at home.
Dogs are inquisitive.

When something happens in your dog’s house that he isn’t a part of, he is likely to be upset. This has to do with his pack-oriented nature, but it’s also pure curiosity.

For a dog that spends most of his time at home and follows a fairly consistent routine, life can be a little monotonous at times, so he naturally wants to participate in any activity that is going on, including human restroom trips.

“Alone Time” is a concept that dogs do not comprehend.

It’s a pack thing once more. Hunting, patrolling, eating, and playing are among activities that dogs do with their pack. As a result, he has no understanding what alone time is or why you would desire it.

He believes he’s keeping you company in the bathroom, but he’s actually keeping an eye on you in case you need him.

It’s possible that your dog is protecting you.

Because he knows you’ll be busy in there, your dog may follow you to the restroom to ensure your safety. After all, you’d have a terrible time dealing with an intruder while you’re dealing with the situation in there, so he’s stepping in to serve as your bodyguard.

Is it Possible for You to Go to the Bathroom Alone Ever Again?


If you want to avoid your dog following you into the bathroom, give him something to do while you’re in there.


Consider the Kong Blue, a puzzle toy.

It’s possible that the reason your cat, child, or husband follows you to the bathroom is different.

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