Watch What Happens When a Labrador Retriever Who Has Been Betrayed by His Owner Feels Love Once More.

A labrador with a broken back was mentioned to us… The owners left him tied near the vet clinic.

We get in the car and head over to him right away. This dog was hit by a car about a year ago, according to our sources.

Her owners expected him to recover without the help of a veterinarian, but a year later, the dog is still not well… he can’t walk and has urinary control issues.

He was brought to the clinic for euthanasia by his owner, who had grown tired of caring for him. after the vet refused to euthanize the dog, the owner just left the dog near clinic.

His name is lucky…but it didn’t work out for him, so we gave him a new one. Alex is his name, and he is starting a new life today.

We arrived at the veterinarian’s office for a checkup.

The vet stated that if Alex had received medical treatment immediately after his injury, he would be able to walk on his own now, but due to the passage of time, he can only walk in a wheelchair. Alex is suffering from a bladder infection and skin problems, and his health is deteriorating.
He requires special attention… He stays at the clinic to receive all of the necessary medical attention.

He is doing much better now, three weeks later.

For him, today is a special day. After an injury, he is running for the first time… Lada is a new friend of his.
He is ecstatic, and he is savoring every moment of his new life.

And now it’s time for his first walk. Alex is very playful, and he enjoys playing with toys, his favorite of which is a ball.
We’re glad we were able to save Alex and make a difference in his life.

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