Two hours before being put down, the trainer saves the puppy, and the dog saves her son seven years later.

Ruby the puppy was slated for euthanasia because she was deemed “unadoptable.” She became a K9 officer, and seven years later, she unwittingly assisted the woman who was fighting for her life.

As puppies, Smart Tykes are prone to restlessness and uncontrollable geste. Ruby, an Australian Cowgirl puppy, was in this situation. The sanctum designated her as unadoptable and arranged for her d.e.a.t.h. Patricia Inman, Ruby’s canine coach, intervened and prayed for her life just two hours before she was put down.

Patricia believed that a lucky dog like Ruby would be a good fit for the K9 unit. Ruby was accepted into a K9 training program as a result of her hard work. Daniel O’Neil, her tutor, had a lot of trouble in the beginning of her training. But once Ruby had established herself in a secure and loving environment, she became a force to be reckoned with!

Ruby and Daniel have aided in the solving of numerous missing persons cases and saved countless lives on seven occasions. They received a call one day about a teen who had been missing for 24 hours. The family was very concerned. Ruby eventually finds the missing teen passed out in the woods. The teen had suffered a concussion and was rushed to the hospital just in time to be saved.

Officer Daniel was surprised to learn who the boy’s mother was when she came to thank him later. Patricia, the coach who had rescued Ruby as a puppy, was the boy’s mother! Ruby was THE K9 who sav.ed her son’s life, according to Daniel. Patricia was in tears as she tried to comprehend this apocalyptic coexistence. Her simple act of kindness saved her son’s life seven times! What an occurrence!

Click the videotape below to watch Ruby’s journey and her heartfelt reunion with Patricia seven times more!

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