This sweet dog isn’t going to let her deformed legs get in the way of her happiness.

Rexi is never seen without a big grin on her face. Rexi’s family was advised to put her down after she was diagnosed with a neurological problem by a warhorse. The 1-year-old golden retriever is still a happy puppy despite her deformed legs.

Lexi and her family now require your assistance. Rexi has been with James Cassity and Rachel Woertink since she was a puppy. Until she was about 10 weeks old, everything seemed to be fine. Rexi began to limp. They went to get X-rays because they thought she sprained her leg, but the test came back normal.

Regrettably, Rexi’s problems had only just begun. Rexi’s two front legs suddenly stopped working. She can no longer extend her legs past her head. To get around, Rex uses her back legs to push her body around and scrapes her casket along the ground. (bp related article) The warhorse made a fool of himself by diagnosing Rexi with a neurological problem and even suggesting that Rexi be put down. Rexi’s family, on the other hand, would never do such a thing. Rexi’s asymmetrical legs were not going to stop her or her family from succeeding. ” You know, she’s like family to us. Cassity told ABC7, “We don’t have any kids, so this is kind of like our sprat right now, and we treat her like that.”

Despite the fact that she has lost the use of her legs, Rexi is a sweet dog who enjoys playing. That isn’t to say she hasn’t faced difficulties. Rex’s possessors have attempted to assist him with a vest and a wheelchair, but both have proven to be problematic. Rexi hit the jewelry on several occasions while in the wheelchair, causing the wheelchair to tip over and Rexi to fall.

Rexi’s family is now seeking assistance. They started a GoFundMe campaign to find a warhorse who could help her fix her legs. Cassity told ABC 7 that they’re looking for “any kind of invention, notoriety who knows commodity about tykes missing their frontal legs or handicapped, perhaps some kind of croaker who knows about a surgery.” They’ve planted a croaker and had their first MRI and blood work since starting the runner, but the surgery, if they can do it, will be priceless.

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