This is her Great Dane’s response when she brings home a little puppy… O.M.G

He’s incredibly envious, and he can’t seem to disguise it…

I’m telling you, jealousy is a disease. I understand that we can all be envious from time to time, but this Great Dane is envious in a huge way.

This large boy appears to be the house’s spoilt child. I recognize that he is nothing like a baby, but you should see the movie below to completely get why I am referring to him in this manner.

So, here’s how it went down. Mommy appears to have opted to welcome a new family member into the fold.

She is holding a tiny little dog in her arms and caressing it at the same time. She now wishes to introduce the new member of the family to the rest of the family.

This girl has two other dogs in addition to the new arrival, as you can see in the video below. The reason we’re releasing this video is because of the Great Dane’s reaction to one of the family’s members.

This monster appears to be a little, or should I say a lot, apprehensive about the new family member. This fall, for example, has a slew of questions for his mother: Why did you bring him? Aren’t we already enough? Who is going to look after him?

Are you going to ignore us? What about our late-night cuddles? Do you intend to pet me again?

And I’m telling you, based on what I’ve seen in this video, this gorgeous giant will not find peace until he learns the truth. He’s incredibly envious, and he can’t seem to disguise it…

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