This ‘heart.bro.ken’ dog ran away from home everyday to visit his owner’s g.r.a.v.e

A loyal dog in Turkey was clearly upset by his owner’s, as he frequently went missing from home, with no one knowing where he went until one day.

The story begins when Ismail Oztuk, a Turkish man, finds an abandoned week-old puppy and names him Zozo. The dog adored Oztuk, and he showed the same affection to Zozo.

Oztuk d.i.e.d on February 10, 2014, and Zozo was deeply saddened by his owner’s

The Zozo family noticed that the dog frequently ran away from home, only to return later with no knowledge of where it had gone.

Zafer Ozturk, Ismail Oztuk’s son, went to visit his father’s grave one day and noticed “something” on top of it. It was Zozo, who yearned for his late owner.

The family later discovered that Zozo had run away from home every day to visit the g.r.a.v.e

Despite his inability to communicate, Zozo continues to show his love for his late owner through his actions.

According to Newsner, Zozo’s love for his late owner assisted the family in overcoming their grief.

What a wonderful dog, and a loyal one at that, as evidenced by the way he respects the caring man who adopted him.

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