This Golden Retriever Is More At Ease Than We Will Ever Be While Floating On Pool Noodles

This adorable golden retriever has discovered out the ideal way to pass the time during the long summer days.

The intelligent pup is shown floating around a pool on top of multiple pool noodles in an endearing video.

As it glides across the water, the golden appears to be completely at ease.

When the pool-noodle-throne floats into a giant beach ball and sends the ball bobbing away, the pup is so comfortable that it doesn’t even flinch.

The adorable video has gone viral and has been replayed numerous times.

Everyone appears to love the clip’s nice and relaxing vibe.

It’s such a happy scene, and it makes us wish we could be as relaxed as they are.

Relaxing in the pool on a bright day, lazily gliding around while completely supported by comfortable pool noodles – that’s the dream!

Here it is, in all its simple, wholesome magnificence, the sweet and calming footage.

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