This Cute Cat Wanted To Live With People, So She Joined Their Family

The majority of cat owners believe that cats, particularly their own, are absolutely fantastic. Cats are adorable, fascinating, loveable, and goofy, and their owners frequently wonder what goes on inside their fuzzy little heads!

You’ve probably heard that cats prefer to live in their own homes and don’t wait to be adopted. That is exactly the situation with our adorable fuzzy pal here. One crazy feral cat recently accepted herself into a household and decided to stay for the rest of her life. Her narrative demonstrates that it is the cats who own humans, not the other way around.

This cat was born in a feral cat colony, but she chose to become domesticated. The cat casually invited herself in and never left, according to the cat’s owner, a Tumblr account called tchaikovsgay. The mother named the stray cat Ghost and welcomed her into her home. She adores cats and frequently posts images of them on Tumblr.

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