This Cat’s Mom Purchased A Statue That Looks Exactly Like Him, And He Is Now Obsessed With It

Cats, as we all know, have a pretty high opinion of themselves.

Our feline furbabies, if they had their way, would have us worship them even more than the ancient Egyptians did.

It’s no surprise, however, that this proud little cat was overjoyed to learn that someone had erected a statue of him.

Cosmo’s excellence was finally acknowledged.

Cosmo’s mother, Jenny Salzer, had acquired the statue that had emerged unexpectedly on the stairwell in front of his house from Goodwill.

He’d been exploring the second-hand shop when she came upon a statue of a black cat that looked surprisingly identical to her pet kitty Cosmo, according to The

Despite the fact that it was slightly worn and scraped, its strong resemblance to Cosmo was enough to persuade her to buy it, which she did.

She put the little doppelganger on the stairwell going up to her house when she arrived home and didn’t think much more of it.

Cosmo is primarily an indoor cat, but he likes some supervised outdoor fun on occasion.

Salzer let Cosmo out to play the day after she bought the statue, and that’s when he discovered the magnificent statue of himself.

Cosmo is generally an indoor cat, but he enjoys some outdoor time when supervised.

The day after she bought the statue, Salzer let Cosmo out to play, and that’s when he discovered the amazing statue of himself.

Cosmo’s affection for the statue seemed to be growing stronger with each passing day. He’s even started embracing it with his small paws wrapped around it.

It’s clear to say that this impulse purchase was a total home run, and Salzer and Cosmo couldn’t be happier with their decision.

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