This amazing city is creating programs to make life easier for street dogs.

In Mexico’s Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, two outstanding programs took place. The program was launched with the assistance of “Respuesta Ciudadana,” a group made up of City Hall employees and people. The program’s purpose is to care for the neighborhood’s 300,000 stray dogs.

The first effort, dubbed “ComeDog,” aims to provide appropriate food and clean water to stray dogs.

“AmbuDog” provided the second service. AmbuDog is a canine ambulance that travels across the city, attempting to assist injured or ill canines. Workers from “AmbuDog” will be in care of the dogs’ vaccinations and spaying/neutering!

This movement is extremely motivating, and the services that these organizations provide are simply remarkable. What a clever way for the rest of the globe to keep an eye on these unfortunate critters! Let’s get the word out about this amazing act and inspire other cities to follow suit!

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