These Cats Have the Strangest Eyes on the Planet

These cats appear to be endowed with supernatural abilities. That’s because their eyes are so odd that you might mistake them for alien, magical creatures. With the exception of their eyes, they are all regular cats.

This cat has a black swirled eye.

This cat with a strange eye

The cat has an unusual eye ailment that causes him to have many pupillary apertures in his eye. That’s right, he has several pupils in his eye.

Polycoria is a disease characterized by a deformed iris and additional, strangely shaped pupils. The c.a.u.s.e.s could be congenital or the result of an iris-related d.i.s.e.a.s.e or i.n.j.u.r.y.

Another cat with polycoria can be seen here.

My Friend’s Cat’s Eye

Humans can also be affected by this incredibly unusual illness!

People are wondering about what these cats can see. Many people believe that cats with polycoria see many pictures. Images superimposing on top of each other, similar to a mirror maze, could create a “ghosting” appearance. Others speculate that the cat can only perceive hazy images at best.

This cat suffers from heterochromia, a rare disorder in which the iris of both eyes has completely different colors.

Multi-colored eyes cat

White or spotted white cats with heterochromia are the most common.

People always tell me my cat has the most beautiful eyes

These crazy-eyed cats may have a ridiculous appearance, but they’re just as endearing.

Herbert is a little…special.

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