The video of a Cute Golden Retriever puppy relaxing in a pool with a flamingo inner tube has gone viral.

Puppies are lovely in every way, but a four-month-old golden retriever has taken adorable to a new level.

Riley is a new kid on the block.

She spends her days snoozing (in duck pajamas), solving food puzzles, and sunbathing in the pool in south Florida, where she is having her best life.
Isn’t it fantastic?

Dogs live in the moment, and this is one of the many lessons we can learn from them. As Riley demonstrates in a viral video, they are also great at unwinding.

On a recent video released on her own TikTok profile, the lovely canine is shown resting in a flamingo inner tube in the pool with no cares in the world.

But don’t worry, her human was close by, keeping an eye on her.

To stay afloat, the astute pup began paddling with her back feet, but soon understood she didn’t need to and reclined back on the inflated flamingo.

As she drifted in the water, she gazed directly at the camera and slowly blinked.


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