The reaction of a woman who brings her old, deaf dog to a rock concert is priceless.

You can never be too old (or too deaf) to enjoy rock and roll! Boy the West Highland Terrier is normally a slow walker who does not respond to other dogs barking, but when he heard a rock band playing in a city square, he surprised his owner, Beril Sirmacek, with what he did.

“I was walking my West Highland Terrier named ‘Boy’ in our town center, where a liberation day rock concert was taking place,” she says. As we got closer, Boy began to pull me towards the concert. Boy is already 17 years old, hardly hears other dogs barking, staggers due to stiff legs, and struggles to stand up. Maybe he was happy to finally hear or feel the loud music, but he began jumping around like crazy to it. People were watching Boy instead of the rock concert, and children began to imitate his amusing jumping style.”

Keep it up, Boy! Keep it up!

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