The Reaction of a Golden Retriever When He Meets His Little Sister Is Adorable

Golden Retrievers are known to be energetic and sweet dogs, and this story is about one of them named Pork.

Pork, who adores other dogs, was in desperate need of a doggie sister or brother. As a result, his parents fulfilled his wish by acquiring a new puppy sister for him. Teddy Sugar, Pork’s owner’s puppy, was just cute. As a result, they made the decision to videotape their first meeting.

Teddy Sugar starts bobbing her tail while her big brother starts smelling her, as you can see in the video below. Teddy got even closer to Pork so he could smell him! Pork then begins pouncing all over because he is overjoyed, and his sister follows suit. They’re so lovely! Take a look at the video below.

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