The owner insisted on having his overweight Golden Retriever euthanized by a veterinarian; he now has a new home and has lost over 100 pounds.

We all adore our pets, and sometimes we adore them a little too much. It may cause us to cave in and feed them whenever they request food. That said, what the previous owner of one golden retriever did was reprehensible. They attempted to put him down due to his weight.

Kai was brought to the veterinarian by his previous owner. The vet inadvertently contacted the Misfits of Alberta Animal Res.cue, and before long, Pam Heggie was reunited with the dog. They had a plan to assist Kai in finding a home and losing the dangerous weight he was carrying.

Heggie spoke with Good Morning America in an interview. Kai’s new foster mama had no idea who he was or what had happened in his past, but she did know he needed some hopeless TLC. “Anything you do is going to help that canine,” the veterinarian said after seeing Kai, who was the fattest pet he’d ever seen.

Kai weighed 172 pounds when he arrived at his new foster home. He has lost more than half his body weight since then, according to the blog

Heggie began taking Kai for three daily walks, one in the morning, one when she returned home from work, and one before bedtime. He plodded at first, but effects became easier as time went on.

“He went five to ten ways,” Heggie said on GMA. “He’d also lay down and start panting.” But they persisted, and he pushed a little harder each day.

Kai began using water therapy to strengthen his back legs and increase his stamina.

Kai was put on a strict diet, and despite being a chowhound, he trusted his foster mama to look after him.

“He realized I was going to help him, and we were going to be fine,” she explained.

Kai gained strength and achieved some goals, such as getting into bed, walking around the block, climbing the stairs, and getting some exercise.

“I forget how broken he was when I look at him,” Heggie said. “He’s just a regular canine now, doing regular canine activities like everyone else.”

Heggie espoused Kai because she enjoyed being a foster mother.


He was featured on Good Morning America because his transformation was so inspiring.

“He literally shows you how to do a really big task one day at a time,” Heggie said.

” He doesn’t care about the past or the future; all he cares about is what needs to be done right now, and he does it.” “There’s a lot we can learn from.” pets

Peggy, you did a terrible job!

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