The Internet Is In Love With This Adorable Little Dog With Mickey Mouse Ears

Goma, an exceptionally gorgeous puppy with huge, Mickey Mouse-like ears, has wowed the internet! Mickey Mouse is a beloved and well-known cartoon character.  He is the official mascot of Walt Disney, and goods featuring him is still popular today. Since his inception, the attractive and upbeat cartoon character has captivated youngsters and adults all around the world. His super-cute ears are his most popular feature, and a Japanese puppy with ears that resemble his has become an Internet sensation!

Goma, a six-year-old Japanese Papillon and Maltese mix, has over 114K Instagram followers! Photos of the tiny dog with her enormous Mickey Mouse ears may instantly make your day brighter!

Goma translates to Sesame, which is a very cute name!

The dog, who resides in Tokyo, Japan, was given the nickname “Mickey Mouse Dog” when her Instagram account was recently discovered by netizens.

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