The Heroic Dog Who Saved His lnjured Owner From a Bur.ning House Has Been Honored

Chris Larocque claims he might not be alive today if not for the bravery of his Bernese Mountain Dog Bella. Bella was inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada, for her bravery, determination, and unflinching dedication.

Chris was home alone one afternoon in November, and while checking on his meal in the oven, an ankle inj.ury he had had in a previous traffic acc.ident flared up. His ankle gave way, causing him to fall and smash his head. On his way down, the fabric he was holding brushed up against the oven components and caught, immediately spreading up his arm and onto his shirt. In desperation, he took off his shirt and flung it against the wall, setting fire to the kitchen walls.

Because of his inj.uries, Chris quickly realized he couldn’t get up on his own, so he desperately yelled for his dog Bella. Fortunately, he was able to catch Bella’s collar, and she was able to pull him out of the blazing house with his help. Without Bella, Chris – and his family – have little doubt that the house would have bur.ned down while he was still inside, and he would not be al.ive today.

“I would have died in the fir.e that dest.royed my home if it hadn’t been for Bella’s loyalty, fortitude, and courage,” Chris remarked. “She is definitely our family hero, and we are overj.oyed that Bella is being honored by the Purina Animal Hall of Fame for her life-saving actions.”

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