The Dog Was Still Waiting A Week After His Owner Told Him To “Stay” On The Sidewalk

People can be so c.r.u.e.l, and if they see how devoted and loving you are to them, they will often not appreciate it, but instead use it against you.
What hurt the most for a poor abandoned dog on the streets of Russia, we’re sure, wasn’t the abandonment deed itself, but rather the way the person he thought of as his family utilized his love and loyalty to abandon him all by himself.

The poor dog was seen for a week on a Moscow sidewalk after his cruel owner took advantage of the dog’s loyalty by ordering him to”stay.” The dog took his cruel owner’s order to heart, and was seen staying in that side walk for a week, refusing to believe that he had been abandoned like trash by this heartless person.

Elena Kniazeva, a casual traveler who saw the sad canine’s situation, was able to transport the dog from the animal shelter where he had been staying.
The lonely dog received the help he needed at the shelter, including food, a bath, and a lot of love. Soon, the heartbroken dog began to come around and meet new friends there, and he was given a new name, Luke.

Luke formed a stronger bond with another dog named Dennis, whose story was much more tragic than Luke’s.

Dennis was born in a construction site with his mother and siblings, and he has gone through hell. Some evil person mistreated them, Dennis’s mother had two severed ears, one of his siblings was found dead, and Dennis had a leg injury that was quickly healed thanks to prompt medical attention.

The two dogs used their bond to heal their fractured pasts, thanks to their heartbreaking stories.
Their story was so unique that 4 Paws Toronto expressed an interest in taking the two dogs and offering to place them in a foster-to-adopt program, ensuring that the two suffering canines will discover the happiness they have been missing on their new chapter of life, with a new home for both of them.

Despite the 4,600-mile distance between Toronto and Russia, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the couple to find the love they had been missing.

4 Paws was so determined to get the two companions to Canada that they set up a GoFundMe page, which was successful in raising the funds needed, and both dogs came and settled down in Canada.

So glad for the best buddies; the sun is finally beaming on them as well.

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