The dog was perplexed as to why its owners did not require it.

For a long time, a canine chased down the retreating car, which eventually ran out of gas. The pet was evicted from its home at that point. The pet’s owners decided to relocate from the farm to the city, leaving the poor dog on the side of the road.

The dreadful scene was witnessed by timber ranger Andrey, who lives next door to these people. The man used to have one dog, but he couldn’t stand by and watch the devoted pet die. He got out of the house and called the dog, but it didn’t come to the neighbor and instead ran down the road.

Andrey was taken aback by the dog’s gesture, but he decided not to leave the pet alone on the road. The hunter noticed someone lying outside the gate in the evening. He noticed the same canine as he got closer. The poor canine is said to have returned, hoping that this location would be the safest for her. The man attempted to summon the dog once more. The pet trusted the neighbor this time and entered the yard.

Andrey’s canine took some time to adjust to his new companion. To avoid quarrels between the pets, the proprietor assigned each one its own coliseum, but his canine allowed the new canine to eat from his.

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