The dog pretends to be ill so that his family will stay at home with him.

Dogs will sometimes surprise us with what they will do to get our attention. Take, for example, Sullivan (or “Sully” as he’s affectionately known). He discovered that by “faking coughing,” he could persuade his human mother and father to stay at home with him.

Sully is Kennady Longhurst’s dog, and she and her husband, Alex Salsberry, adore him. They adore their Border Collie mix, and he reciprocates, so much so that he’s willing to pretend to be ill!

Kennady recently revealed that when she returned home from lunch, Sully was making “this strange combination of coughing, choking, and clearing his throat sound.” She called Alex, who came home right away, worried that Sully was seriously ill.

Longhurst told, “I immediately freaked out and started googling dog CPR.” Sully, on the other hand, was “wagging his tail and running around acting like himself, minus this weird cough,” she said.

Alex decided to take the afternoon off work anyway and spend it with Sully, who acted normally despite the occasional cough.

That night, the cough seemed to go away. But the next morning, as Alex was getting ready to leave for work, Sully began coughing again. Alex decided to work from home that day, and the two, concerned that Sully had caught something, took him to the vet for a check-up. However, the tests revealed that he was healthy.

What was the situation?
The vet prescribed antibiotics in case Sully had an infection, despite the fact that he had no other symptoms other than this cough. They then monitored him for a few days, but thankfully, the cough did not return. When they returned to the vet, he informed them that dogs will sometimes pretend to be sick or limp in order to gain attention or treats.

Kennady posted about it on Twitter, and many people responded by saying that their pets had tried similar acting routines.

Sully most likely learned that coughing caused his humans to worry and pay more attention to him, and thus learned that the behavior earned him more hugs, cuddles, and time with them. Wouldn’t you say that’s more clever than naughty?

Sully hasn’t coughed since the vet visit. Maybe he realized that the extra attention from the vet wasn’t quite worth it? In any case, Kennady, Alex, and Sully have returned to their daily routines with a newfound respect for Sully’s intelligence.

Have you ever caught your pet impersonating something in order to get your attention? Please share this adorable story with your friends and family!


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