The dog claims the woman’s patio chair as ‘his new home.’

Amy Haden used to be at home with her daughter a few months ago. They usually get up early as a family, and she spends a lot of time at home with her daughter and their two dogs. However, on that particular day, they had a visitor waiting for them on the patio.

Amy was going about her morning routine when her daughter informed her that there used to be a dog on the porch. Amy assumed it was one of their dogs, so she informed the lady that she had let them out earlier that morning.

But then she realized it wasn’t one of theirs anymore.

“Whose canine is that?” says the narrator. In a video she shared on social media, Amy can be heard thinking. Her daughter responds, “I don’t know!” “It isn’t the neighbor’s canineā€”I am aware they don’t have a dog that looks like that.” Amy continues by stating that he’s “just chilling on that porch!”

The mother and daughter had hoped that the dog would leave soon, but he didn’t. He simply stayed there for the rest of the day until his family decided to take him inside.

Amy even took him to the veterinarian to have him checked for a chip, but he wasn’t chipped.

With the passage of time, she realized that the dog’s owners might also be missing. She knew it was time to find the dog a permanent home a month after meeting him for the first time.


The females defined that, as much as they favored him and enjoyed his company, they were unable to keep him.

Humans, according to Haden, couldn’t comprehend that Walker, as they named him, wasn’t a dog they had been abandoning. He was simply a canine who appeared on their porch one day and whom they should no longer adopt for ethical reasons.

They started looking for a new home for Walker. That is exactly what they did. Only a few days later, an elderly woman decided to adopt him, claiming that he was once the dog she had been praying for.

What a fantastic story! In the video below, you can learn about the most important points.


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