The Cutest Two-Legged Kitten Hops Into Her Forever Home

Duck is a small tabby kitten with a tremendous personality and even bigger enthusiasm for life.

After sustaining a severe injury, the unusual-looking kitten lost its front legs; she was discovered with both legs irreparably damaged and was transported to a vet clinic, where her legs had to be amputated in order to preserve her life.

Duck, on the other hand, has never lost her drive or her love of life despite the loss of her two front legs.

Duck is ecstatic to be living in Florida with her foster-family-turned-forever-family.

Duck’s pet-parents have stated that they believe she was injured while snuggling up inside the engine bay of a car, according to Love Meow, though no one knows for sure.

She was placed in a foster family after being taken to the clinic and undergoing surgery to give her time to rest, recoup, and adjust to her new life while getting an abundance of love and care.

Duck had quickly charmed the entire family and established her place as a permanent family member, despite the fact that it was only supposed to be a temporary placement.

Duck seemed happy and full of vitality despite her awful injury and heartbreaking loss of limb, and her happiness spread around the home.

Duck quickly adapted to her new life and never seemed to mourn what could have been.

Instead, she met every new challenge with positivity and determination and soon learned how to get around the house on her own by using her hind legs and her tail.

The family offered Duck a kitty-wheelchair, but she was never a fan of it.

The little kitty prefers the mobility that she’s been able to achieve by walking on her hind legs and using her tail for balance.

She began investigating the house and running back and forth across the floor as soon as she cracked the code of how to effectively use her back legs and tail.

She’s developed remarkable speed and now spends the entire day zooming about the house and yard.

Duck’s new family includes another cat, three pups, and six hens in addition to her humans.

Duck is particularly drawn to the family’s puppies, despite the fact that she might relate to either her fellow feline sibling or her other two-legged avian sisters.

Their unwavering devotion for their family, as well as their persistent desire for fun and adventure, wonderfully complement Duck’s attitude.

She enjoys hanging out with them, following them about, and learning new things from their actions.

Little Duck is fortunate to have such a large and loving family, and they are even more fortunate to have such a cheerful and caring family member who never fails to make them grin and laugh.
Duck may have lost her legs, but she hasn’t lost her zeal.
This tiny kitty is a wonderful inspiration, and we’re overjoyed that she’s found a family who adores and values her.

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