‘That’s my dog!’ – During a shelter pet picture session, a man discovers missing dogs.

Nothing is more traumatic for a pet owner than when their animal goes missing and they fear they won’t ever see them again. But when you are at last reunited with them, it is the happiest feeling in the world.

It was especially joyful for one man, whose heartfelt, dramatic reunion with his two pets was broadcast on television.

Miami-Dade Animal Services and Ocean Drive Magazine collaborated on a picture shoot in October 2019. To encourage pet adoption, models stood beside stray animals searching for homes.

Two Siberian huskies served as the models for the dogs. But as the photographer was snapping away, a guy jumped in and halted the session.

Everyone was astonished by what he said: “That’s my dog, guy! That is my canine!

They were his two pet dogs, Ragnar and Kloud, who had gone missing a few days before, according to the guy, Sandy Hernandez.

He spent a long weekend looking and posting posters before receiving a call from a man who had located the huskies.

He told CBS Miami, “Yesterday I was putting flyers, I was posting fliers all over the area.” And the person who found it told me that he brought them here yesterday at 1 p.m., so I hurried over and saw them.

The moment the dogs were being photographed, he just so happened to arrive. He hurried to the dogs without even parking his car because he was so thrilled. He was welcomed by the huskies as well.

The touching reunion was documented on film. The staff members who handled pet adoption and the crew cheered when the guy was reunited with his missing pups and consoled him.

Although the story has a happy ending, Sandy says he won’t risk losing his dogs again and will get them microchipped as soon as possible so they can recognize him as the owner.

Just adore it when something ends well. Nothing compares to the bond that forms between a pet owner and their family member.

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