Tennis Balls Are Desired By Dog In Window Display

Have you ever passed by a patisserie shop window and thought to yourself, “I have to have one of those delicious treats!” Begbie the dog experienced a similar occurrence.

He recently passed by a hairdresser shop in Brighton, England, that featured a special window display in honor of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

There was a neatly lined up collection of tennis balls in front of his eyes. This may not be appealing to some dogs, but Begbie is a “1.5-year-old lurcher mix who is completely obsessed with tennis balls.”

He lets out a bark that sounds like “want one!” as he stares at the display in dismay.

Many people feel sorry for the dog. “I know the feeling, bud, ‘window shopping,'” one person said. “That’s me when I walk by a bakery,” another person said.

But don’t be concerned. Fortunately, Begbie’s human claims that he has “plenty of his own” tennis balls.

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