Someone threw this dog out of a moving truck, but he is now receiving the love he deserves.

Before this week, David Manning was walking home in South Toledo when he discovered a dying dog, now named Victor, in an alley. The puppy was covered in dried feces, urine, and inju.ries as he huddled beside a row of classic cars. writespost.bark

David said “ There was so important waste inside the jalopy. He ’d been living in his own mess. I have no way I have seen such a dog in my life. You see it on Television, but when you see it in real life, it’s completely different.”

David believes that Victor was likely to be pushed off the back of the truck in his classic car, falling and causing the classic car to break. He saw a bluish-argentine volley leaving the alley shortly before he plants Victor, but did n’t see the canine fall out of the truck. David got food and water for the haggard Hole, but the doggy was so weak, that David had to lift up the canine’s head to help him drink water.

Victory was also too weak to walk and would fall over after attempting to stand, according to David’s family, Trinity, who took Victory in for the night.

Victor is now being cared for by the Lucas County Hole Crew, and he has been admitted to a vital medical assistance facility. Victor’s body will take a long time to relearn how to reuse food because he is so bloated. He is currently eating small amounts of food throughout the day as his system adjusts. (bp related article) Lucas County Hole Crew’s amazing humans, both levies and croakers, will do whatever it takes to help him physically and mentally, but his condition remains critical. He should weigh at least 50 pounds, and at 29 pounds, his road to recovery will be long and difficult.

Hole Crew’s Administrative Director, Jean Keating, told us about Lucas County.

“At one point, he must have been a very attractive young man. He has the most beautiful eyes, but he isn’t trusting anyone at the moment.”

His ambivalence toward humans is plain to see. On Friday, Victor was well enough to be placed in foster care. Hopefully, he’ll realize that not everyone is cruel, and that there are people who only want to love and cherish him. If you want to help Victor, however, you can join the Lucas County cave crew with others like him.

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