Sitting by the window every day for 11 years waiting for its owner to return, a loyal dog passed.

I carried my canine’s body out of the warhorse’s office in a black plastic bag when she d.i.e.d. Because she is a German cowgirl, the bag is adequate. People who were staying for their movables lowered their heads, pulling their favorites closer to themselves as I sluggishly made my way through the hall holding it in front of me.

We make an effort to forget the unavoidable, which is probably a good thing. But, no matter how we feel about it, the day will come when we must say our goodbyes. They’re not at all simple. I recall digging a hole in a dark wood during downtime, when the ground was hard and I was scratching it slightly. I recall lowering a box into the hole and my hands gripping it tightly and refusing to let go. But I had no choice. Roman from Chicago is in the same boat. He recently lost Toby, one of his best friends. Roman participated in prints of Toby waiting for him to return home from work as a way to cope with his grief, and they perfectly capture their strong bond.

“He waited there for 11 days in a row. I knew I’d come home one day and he wouldn’t be there.”

Roman told Bored Panda, “He entered my life when he was two.” ” The first time I saw him, he poop on my living room carpet as soon as my partner placed him down” (it was her canine). During the first few months, we did not get along. Although I enjoy tykes, this bone is a child. He was always looking for someone’s undivided attention. He craved your company. I found it difficult to get along with a dog. This type of intelligence has such a unique personality and perspective. He and I used to have a lot of squabbles. Until my partner instructed me to treat him as if he were a small child. He has a lot of knowledge. I’ve been causing a ruckus since then. He did as well.

He felt the same way. We were the closest musketeers, so when my partner and I split up, she got to keep the apartment and I got to keep Toby. He was ten years old at the time.”

Toby, according to Roman, is very cute. ” He certainly didn’t smell anyone if he growled. In fact, even when the kids were being rude to him, he was always friendly to them. He let them get down with more the lower they got. And he was fiercely protective of everyone. However, if he saw someone fighting or arguing, he’d try to stop them by getting up on his hind legs and leaning over the person to distract them. He was incredibly charming. And genuinely people-oriented. He enjoyed being in the company of others.”

Roman, who now helps run a medium-sized carrier company, was an optometrist who worked 8-10 hours a day. ” He was aware of my arrival time. He has a good sense of it. He’d be by the door and in the window. I could hear him whimpering in delight outside before I even entered. He’d also try to jump on me and master my face, and he was nothing but pure, unadulterated excitement.”

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