Shelter Pup Aids His Deaf & Blind Sister in Day-to-Day Activities

In rural Louisiana, a mother dog and her eight 3-month-old puppies were tragically a.ban.doned.

Thankfully, they were discovered by a kind family who opted to retain the mother but contacted a local rescue organization to find homes for the infants. Because the rescue was at capacity, they sought assistance from their partner Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

The charity swung into action right once, arranging for the litter of abandoned puppies, as well as 31 additional puppies, to be sent to their center.

When the puppies arrived, the staff noticed that one of them was different from the others.

One of the puppies began to exhibit symptoms of special needs while the others raced about the facility and played like typical puppies. Star, the puppy, is deaf and practically blind, according to the staff.

They also noted that one of Star’s littermates, Denver, volunteered to take care of her as her own personal guide dog. Denver stays at Star’s side, assisting her as she learns to navigate her environment with her other senses.

The two of them were rarely apart, and if they were, Denver would rush back to Star to inform her that he was there.

The organization is placing them up for adoption together since they are inseparable and Star relies on Denver for assistance.

Anyone who adopts these gorgeous duo will be taught how to care for a special needs dog. Denver, of course, will be there to assist his sister!

Dora Dahlke, Helen Woodward Adoption Services Manager, said, “It’s absolutely remarkable.” “Animals teach us so much that we never stop learning from them.” These two can teach us all a thing or two about sibling love and how much we can accomplish with a good friend’s affection.”

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