Puppy thrown from car in a bag makes her way out to a traffic corner to sit.

After a family who appeared to love her threw her out of an auto in a bag, a young puppy sat in a corner just off the road, alarmed. They wanted her to go over the ground and down into the notch, but the dog brushed up against the rail. Ilovemydogsomuch writes that she was also suitable to work her way out of the bag and outrage across the road through the business.

But now, after the horror she had just experienced, she sat there pulsing. There was nowhere for the three-month-old puppy to go and no bone on her side. But she had no idea that help was on its way just down the road!


Prue from Mission Paws’ible was the one who arrived and noticed the dog with the deer-in-the-headlights expression. It was difficult and dangerous, but she was up to the task of getting over to where the canine was sitting. The dog barked at her in fear, and it wasn’t until the deliverer returned to the car to get some lasagna that the two were ready to start dating.

The turning point came when the two of them gained a little bit of trust in each other. They can now detach themselves from this dreadful script and proceed with relative ease. Prue used to have a lot of kids at home, and since every clinic was closed at the time, she called a friend. They agreed to raise Ellie until she was able to locate her family. And when Maria entered the scene, she proved to be exactly what Ellie had been looking for! The sweet dog now has a mama and a forever home where she will never be treated as anything less than the queen she is.

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