Puppy born with upside-down paws learns to walk after in a heartwarming moment.

Puppy recovering from ‘complicated’ sur.gery with upward-facing paws. He’s attempting to walk for the first time today. It was a moving experience!

Siggi, the puppy, was not like the others. Siggi was limited to a slower pace, getting around with a commodity akin to a forearm scooch, when an eight-week-old should be running around and frolicking. A natural disorder in the elbows caused a beagle and raccoon hound hybrid’s two front paws to face the top of his head instead of downwards. Siggi’s owners introduced him to Dr. Erik Clary, who later performed the dog’s sur.gery, when he was 13 weeks old.

Siggi was unable to walk because both elbows were out of joint. ‘No matter how hard he tried, the best he could come up with was a hamstrung and ostensibly uncomfortable’ army bottleneck,’ said Erik Clary, associate professor of small beast sur.gery at the Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Lores. Siggi’s disability did not prevent her from disporting around and attempting to do everything they did; she simply did so in an army-style bottleneck. Unfortunately, her way of moving put her elbows, shoulders, and china at risk. Clary and his platoon performed corrective sur.gery on Sigi after the puppy was handed over to the Beast Rescue Association. Clary said that in nearly 30 years of performing sur.geries, he’s only seen three cases of Siggi’s rare condition, which necessitates “extremely complicated” sur.gery.

“We had to go into each of his elbows and realign the joint.” “We also put a leg across the joint to keep it straight while his growing bones take shape and his body lays down the internal scar towel that will be required for long-term stability,” he added. So Siggi underwent a difficult operation and was encased in a bright orange plaster with lobes and essence to aid in the proper healing of her bones. Siggi had to learn to walk in order to remove the casts, but that didn’t deter the eager doggy who came over to help.

Watch the videotape; she’s learning to walk up a ramp while being rewarded with treats at the end of each small task.

“Truly, I couldn’t be more pleased with Siggi’s progress,” the sur.geon said.

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