Pup was desperate for a home and would follow people home.

Unfortunately, South Africa has a large home.less dog population. The ” Dogbox Project” was started by a group of canine suckers who wanted to help as many home.less dogs as possible. They assist local animal welfare organizations by establishing kennels and distributing food and robes. Home.less pets in South Africa are accustomed to sleeping in the cold, but their situation was about to improve dramatically.

The Dropbox levies were out and about when they came across a friendly sloppy pup. Most stray dogs are fearful for obvious reasons, but not this one! He started following them and refused to stop. Because he was without a home, the levies realized the puppy would follow anyone who was kind to him. How heart.breaking!

Scratch was the sweet dog’s name. Scribble had an egregious limp when he walked. Scribble was most likely deterred by a mortal, according to the veterinarian who examined him. Scribble did this because he liked to follow people around, almost as if he was looking for a home. Had he “irritated” someone with a hard heart?

Scribble’s leg would heal without a hitch, but Sidewalk Specials still had work to do to complete his life. They brought him in and introduced him to the Hills Nutrition and Expresso Morning Show employees.

The show featured the lovable doggy so that he, and other pets for relinquishment at Sidewalk Specials, could find their happily ever later. Isn’t it true that all creatures have earned it?

During the show, a family fell in love with Scribble. They had a gut feeling that this was the right dog for them.

Now that they’re all together, Scribble won’t have to deal with an unfriendly foreigner or sleep in the rain ever again! Take a look at the entire videotape below! This is such an inspiring story!

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