Funny Bulldog Is Too Cute He Thinks He’s A Baby

On puppis and newborns, we often observe a lot of similarities. They are both quite kind and vulnerable, which may explain why we adore them. Adopting dogs when they are young is common since it allows them to go through the “growing up” process together.

Even so, certain things never change! Our furry buddies will always be playful, no matter how old they are. If you throw a toy to a dog, he will want to play right away. Dogs in general are particularly protective of their family’s newborns. They enjoy playing with them and caring for them. They can tell that babies are completely safe. However, they can be jealous of the family’s new members at times, which is reasonable. They become concerned when they notice that someone else is getting all of the attention. It’s the same dog that we have here.

The adorable French bulldog is envious of the owner’s child and decides to imitate her behavior. Sunny Oshan, a graphic artist from Seattle, Washington, and her la.wyer husband Evan reared their six and two-year-old children, as well as their pet dog Bluenjy, together.

The couple shot some photos and videos of Bluenjy, which have now gone viral due to his amusing and endearing demeanor.

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