Police Officer Won’t Leave Saved Puppy’s Side Until He’s Sure She’s Safe

Every work in the world has a responsibility to be kind. All members of the law enforcement community must be kind. They consider themselves heroes of the country in which they dwell in particular. Because they are in charge of the country’s and people’s security. Some law enforcement officers, on the other hand, are compassionate not just to the country and its citizens, but also to the entire animal kingdom. As a result, we’re going to tell you about a fantastic cop.

Kareem Garibald works for the Lakeland Police Department. He demonstrated amazing dedication one day while on job. While on patrol in the Florida area, Officer Garibald came across a lost puppy. This dog is a cross between a boxer and a pit bull. Her body, however, grew exceedingly weak due to a lack of sufficient nutrients. The police was unable to abandon the dog.

To keep her secure, he carried this dog with him to the railway station. The officer kept the dog with him till the conclusion of his shift. Without a microchip or ID, Officer Garibald was unable to locate her owner. As a result, he opted to look after the dog. He then returned home with the dog. He repeated his hunt for the dog’s owner the next morning, but no one claimed possession of the puppy.


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