PoIice Save the life of a dog who is dangling outside of a truck.

The dog’s owner may have thought they were doing the right thing by leaving their car window open while going shopping. However, that decision proved to be almost fatal for their small dog. PoIice in Kansas came to the aid of a dog who was dangling from the side of a pickup truck by his leash.

On July 8, 2016, Sergeant Jason Legleiter and PoIice Officer Wade Hammond responded to a shoplifter at the Wal-Mart Store on North Summit in Arkansas City. They had just placed the suspect in their patrol car when a Wal-Mart employee alerted them to a small dog hanging by his leash outside of a truck. The two officers arrived quickly and discovered that the dog “had essentially hung himself from the leash.”

The following image has been censored because it may be upsetting to some readers. More joyful ones will follow. The officers’ body cameras were used to capture all of the images.

“The dog was hanging motionless and appeared to be deceased,” the Arkansas City PoIice Department said on Facebook. Sergeant Legleiter, on the other hand, was quick on his feet and used his patrol duty knife to dispatch the dog in an instant. Officer Hammond began attempting to resuscitate the dog as it lay on the ground.

“Officer Hammond assisted the dog in breathing by removing the constricting collar and intermittently applying pressure to the dog’s side,” the PoIice department wrote.

“After a few minutes, the dog became more and more responsive and began to show signs of life,” they added. “Eventually, the dog appeared to have recovered completely from the incident and was able to stand on his own.”

They gave the small dog some water to help him recover further. “There is no doubt that Sergeant Legleiter and Officer Hammond’s quick response and care saved this dog’s life,” said the Arkansas City PoIice Department. They shared images from the officers’ body cameras of the incident to “demonstrate the gravity of the situation and contrast what their actions did to prevent a tragic accident.”

According to Arkansas City PoIice, it will be up to a prosecutor to decide whether or not charges will be filed against the dog’s owner. As a result, some details about the case cannot be made public at this time. However, PoIice reassured those who were concerned that if charges were warranted, they would be filed. “For the time being, we’d like to focus on the officers and the outstanding work they’ve done,” they added.

I’m glad these two officers happened to be in the right place at the right time to save the little dog. In the last photo, he appears relieved and happy. Please tell your family and friends about this amazing rescue!

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