3 good ways for a firm stomach.

Planking can help you get a flat stomach. And you can make your workout even more successful by using these three variations of the power exercise!

Do you want a full-body workout that is both quick and effective? Then planking should be at the top of your fitness to-do list! Planks are quite difficult, but they’re well worth it because they work multiple muscle groups at once, resulting in a solid body in the least amount of time. You can make them even more effective with a few tweaks!

3 stomach-firming planking variations
Do you want your stomach, arms, and legs to be toned? Then take a look at these planking alternatives:

1. Plank with one hand
The One Hand Plank is a powerful exercise not just for your stomach, but also for your upper body and arms! And here’s how it works:

With your toes and arms outstretched, push yourself off the ground.
Ensure that your wrists are positioned below your shoulders. The back maintains its straightness. The stomach should be brought in and the shoulder, hip, and ankle joints should create a line.
Hold the stance for a moment by extending one arm straight ahead.
Swivel the arm 90 degrees outwards and maintain this position.
Return to your original position and switch arms.

Switch sides by putting your leg down.

Five times on each side, repeat the exercise.

3. Plank with elbows and legs
The elbow leg plank generally works the bottom and legs, in addition to the stomach. The following is how the activity works:

Push yourself up with your toes outstretched and your arms outstretched, just like the other two exercises.
The wrists are under the shoulders once more, and the back is still straight. The stomach should be brought in and the shoulder, hip, and ankle joints should create a line.
Bend one leg to the elbow on the opposing side. Make sure you don’t fall into the hollow back!
Hold the position for a few seconds before sitting down and switching legs.
This exercise should be done five times more.

Woman doing yoga

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There’s no room for disappointment.
However, while we’re on the subject of repetitions: It doesn’t matter if you can’t accomplish the required repetitions straight away because planks demand a specific level of fitness. Simply do as many as you can and keep tuned every day; your strength will gradually improve and you will be able to perform more repetitions over time.


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