People are freaked out by a dog who looks like he has a’man’s face.’

Yogi is his name. Yogi is a cute puppy whose photo has gone viral. People are commenting on the cute pup’s more-than-passing resemblance to a human, according to images of him lately posted to social media.

Some individuals are amused by Yogi’s human-like features, while others are deeply disturbed. Yogi’s owner, Chantal Dejardins, sees him as completely normal.

Desjardins claims she doesn’t see it when she looks at Yogi, but a friend of hers felt he “had a man’s face” and posted a photo to reddit, where it immediately went viral.

Yogi’s photo drew a lot of attention.

One redditor said, “This is the most unsettling thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another said, “I’d feel odd petting it.”

One joked, “It looks like Nicolas Cage disguised as an Ewok.”

“I laughed, then became uneasy, and now I’m furiously rocking back and forth, trying to tell myself it’s just a face swap.”

But don’t worry, the image isn’t manipulated in any way. This one isn’t either.


Or this one.

However, Chantal believes that Yogi’s humanlike appearance stems from the way he was groomed and positioned. He’s simply a regular dog most of the time, according to Desjardin, who adores him. “He’s the fluffiest, cuddliest dog ever!” she exclaims to the Dodo. “He’s the sweetest!” exclaims the narrator.


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