Owner Tells Tiny Dog He’s Cute, And Receives Hilarious Reaction

How do you generally react when someone compliments you on your appearance? It is difficult for people to accept compliments! Especially when it comes to appearances, which is where people are most insecure.
Dogs, on the other hand, are no longer excused. They are often complimented.

Have you ever gone a day without complimenting your pet on how wonderful, gorgeous, or wonderful they are?

Dogs who are good are also quite skilled at accepting compliments. They wag their tails and snuggle up close (hoping for a treat to come soon).

Puppy dogs, on the other hand, are a different story. They don’t fully comprehend what anything means, and they haven’t yet learned to correlate compliments with positive experiences such as face time, sweets, and belly rubs.

For one young man, his father’s compliment simply left him speechless. And since it’s so darn cute, the video of the moment is going viral.

I’m unable to accept compliments.
“In his bandana, this cute little puppy appears even more handsome than usual, and his owner likes to remind him of it. The puppy, on the other hand, hasn’t quite figured out how to accept a compliment and barks every time he hears it.”

Dad has his son dressed in a small bandana in it. When his owner attempts to complement him on his “outfit,” the befuddled puppy simply barks.

Is he displeased with his sartorial choice? Is it just a case of trying to respond? Or is it just that he can’t take a compliment?

The clip has over 2.5 million views, indicating that people are trying to figure it out.

Is he, however, pleased with it?
Sean Sarantos, a YouTuber, asks the little dog, “Hey, how do you like your bandana?”

At first, the puppy is too preoccupied with licking his father’s face to pay attention, so he asks again, “Do you like it?”

The puppy responds with a bark.

“It’s very nice,” the puppy’s father adds, as the dog barks once again! Sean turns to him and adds, “You look handsome.” He appears to be getting defensive.

One reviewer remarked about the scene, “How dare you call him charming, he is a terrifying warrior.”

Sarantos gets a friendly peck on the back of his neck from the puppy.

He says, “I still think you’re handsome.”

Tough Guy, Mr.
This kid is sick of being complimented. In fact, he raises his paw and sneezes through his nose to make it clear that he doesn’t want to hear any more foolishness.



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