Outside the hotel, a stray dog never gives up waiting for a flight attendant, and she eventually ado.pts him.

The dog remained at the location, waiting for his human companion to return.

Olivia Sievers works for Lufthansa Airlines as a flight attendant. She met Rubio, a stray dog who wandered around the hotel she stayed at in Buenos Aires, during one of her flights to Argentina.

Olivia fed and played with Rubio when she first saw him. Rubio would then remain outside the hotel, waiting for Olivia and following her around whenever she appeared.

Olivia tried to deviate from her planned path, but Rubio was always able to track her down. Olivia tried again, waiting an hour before returning to the hotel, but the dog was still there, waiting for his human friend.

To wait for Olivia, Rubio would sleep outside the hotel. She gave him one of the airline’s blankets to keep him warm when she realized this.

Rubio returned to wandering the streets after Olivia had to leave. Rubio, on the other hand, would appear out of nowhere whenever her work took her back to Buenos Aires.

Olivia arranged for Rubio to be adopted by a r.e.s.c.u.e group in the months that followed. He was able to flee, however, and returned to the hotel to look for her. Olivia finally decided to take him to Germany and give him a forever home because he just couldn’t give up.

Olivia eventually completed the paperwork, and Rubio was able to travel all the way to his new home. It was unquestionably a happy ending for all involved.

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