On The Highway, A German Shepherd Dog Would Not Leave Her Deceased Friend

It was a heartfelt display of loyalty that the soldiers on the scene would never forget. A report of two dogs on a dangerously busy highway was received by New Jersey State Police. When they arrived, they discovered a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull laying close to each other, unwilling to move.

What transpired next was described by the troopers who responded to the scene.

“Earlier today, Totowa Station troopers responded to a report of two dogs on the shoulder of I-280 in Newark. For those unfamiliar with the area, Interstate 280 is a congested highway during rush hour, particularly in the Newark area. As a result, the responding troopers were very concerned about the animals’ safety.

“When they arrived, they examined the area and found a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull laying next to one other. Unfortunately, the troops discovered that the Pit Bull was no longer alive. They knew they had to remove the Shepherd off the roadway because there was no owner in sight, but she refused to leave the other dog’s side. They were eventually able to transfer her into the back of a troop car and out of harm’s way.”

“Unfortunately, neither dog had a collar or any other identifying markings, so the troops opted to return her to the station.” They gave her some water and maybe, just maybe, played a game of fetch with her.”

“The exact circumstances behind the canines’ appearance by the side of the highway are still being investigated. We’re heartbroken about the loss of the other dog, but overjoyed that we were able to save the Shepherd.

“A nearby animal rescue center was notified, and the Shepherd was given to them.”

Such a lovely, faithful Shepherd will undoubtedly find a loving home who will value her.

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