On Live TV, a naughty dog snatches the reporter’s microphone.

During a live broadcast in Russia, a dog seized a reporter’s microphone and raced away. Mir TV’s Nadezhda Serezhkina was providing a weather report in Moscow when the dog emerged out of nowhere and grabbed her microphone!

As the bad dog raced away, Serezhkina yelled at him to stop and chased after him.

Anchor is taken aback. Elina Dashkueva, who was watching from the news channel’s studio, was at a loss for words at first. “It appears that we have lost contact with our correspondent,” anchor Elina Dashkueva said to the audience. “We’ll try to contact her as soon as possible.”

The vivid blue and yellow microphone, no doubt, looked like a toy to the dog and was impossible to refuse. In dog language, holding such an item in your hand means you want to play, right? That was the dog’s owner’s response afterward.

Martin, her dog, mistaken the newscaster’s bright microphone for a toy.

Serezhkina appeared on camera shortly after with the microphone in her hand and Martin by her side to reveal that “no one was injured,” but that “the microphone took a bite or two.”



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